Chronic wounds affect 1% to 2% of the population in developed countries; roughly the same prevalence of heart failure. Annually this costs Medicare, not including other payors, up to $97B, and this financial burden is expected to increase in parallel with the rapidly growing incidence of lifestyle diseases in the developed world.

As a consequence of the rise in chronic wound prevalence, the demand for “at-home” wound treatment is expected to proliferate. Though chronic wounds are commonplace, wound care management has largely been overlooked by technology companies. This oversight has permitted deficiencies of care, poor record generation and storage, inconsistent treatment, and product waste.  


Synergy Wound Technology is addressing this market with technology-driven solutions. 

Synergy Wound Technology is the leader in wound care management technology across the globe. We develop products that use cutting-edge information architectures and user-friendly designs, directed at solving the burgeoning healthcare challenges presented by chronic wounds, including regulations, clinical personnel shortages, increasing costs, and a geometrically expanding disease burden.

Synergy recently launched InteliWound™, an innovative and first-to-market wound care management system. InteliWound is the most comprehensive solution in this space, which integrates 3D sensors for wound assessment, supply-chain functionality, and proprietary algorithms tailored to the challenges of wound care. Moreover, it is achieving rapid adoption and is powered on a highly scalable platform to meet the global demands of wound care management.

InteliWound provides its customers with an undeniable 'Value as a Service’ model. Its compelling cost-saving potential is coupled with a low-impact expenditure model. Rather than burdening customers with outdated up-front licensing fees, InteliWound charges a per wound assessment fee and negligible monthly subscription fees. 

Synergy Wound Technology is a disruptive force in the wound care management space.  Our products enhance the quality of care for patients with wounds and cut costs for all stakeholders while offering high returns on investment for our customers.


Contact Synergy today and learn how your company can improve the delivery of wound care and reduce costs.

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