Intended Use

InteliWound™ is a clinical decision-making software intended to facilitate the assessment and treatment of patients with acute and chronic wounds.


The application combines quantitative and qualitative evaluation of multiple wound parameters, including automated measurement of wound dimensions, as well as subjective semi-quantitative observations of wound characteristics, performed under the direction of a licensed healthcare practitioner.


The dimensions and user-documented elements are recorded in a relational database, to allow for tracking of wound progress and outcomes over the course of treatment. The data is further processed by InteliWound to provide wound management suggestions via embedded experience-based algorithms. InteliWound is also intended to assist the user in streamlining the process of ordering appropriate treatment supplies and advanced wound care modalities.


The product suggestions are solely suggestions and do not always follow the manufacturer's recommendation.


InteliWound is not intended to serve as a substitute for physician oversight and supervision.  The suggestions provided by the InteliWound algorithms are not recommendations, orders or prescriptions. All InteliWound treatment suggestions are optional and can either be adopted or modified by the user.


The patient’s designated supervising physician has the ultimate authority to decide upon the course of wound treatment and to authorize specific orders or prescriptive care.

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