Roger Schechter, MD

Founder & CMO


Roger Schechter is founder and Chief Medical Officer of Synergy Wound Technology. 


Roger Schechter, M.D, Medical Director for Wound Management at Palomar Health in San Diego, Chief Medical Officer at Synergy Wound Technology, trained in Emergency Medicine, practices full time as a Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Physician. He has been in active wound care practice and research for the past 19 years. Dr. Schechter practices across the continuum of wound management in outpatient, inpatient, and long term care.


In addition to his roles at the Palomar Health system and Synergy Wound Technology, Dr. Schechter concurrently serves as a consultant to the industry, helping to bridge the divides that separate the clinical, basic research and business aspects of wound care for biotechnology companies and digital health application firms. In that capacity he is involved in protocol development, providing marketing insight, and assistance with strategic planning, and health economic outcomes research.


Dr. Schecter is a speaker on the national level regarding wound care, advanced wound care modalities, and non-invasive vascular testing, and has spoken internationally about clinical research. He also provides science-based educational programs on behalf of wound care product manufacturers.


Dr. Schechter also frequently serves as a medical-legal expert regarding wound management. He has provided evaluation, advice to counsel, and testimony regarding the standard of care on over 80 cases involving allegations of medical malpractice and elder abuse in relation to the development of chronic wounds and skin breakdown of all etiologies.


Based on his experience as a medico-legal expert, Dr. Schechter provides risk management consulting for Acute Care and Long Term Care. He also offers a lecture series dedicated to Wound and Skin Breakdown Risk Management for Post-Acute Care, a curriculum designed to convey unique strategies for avoiding and/or mitigating litigation, as well as regulatory sanction. 

Dr. Schedter is a Fellow of the American College of Certified Wound Care Specialists.

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