Designed to Improve the Delivery of Wound Care

Easy Discharges

InteliWound assists with patient discharges by providing easy to use workflows to generate orders for DME, wound dressings, and physicians.


InteliWound improves communication with physicians by providing accurate assessments and easy web-based access to review and certify the treatment protocol.  


InteliWound has an immediate and measurable return on investment with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! 


InteliWound allows clinicians to assess, measure, and document in as little as three minutes. 

Improve Outcomes

InteliWound's proprietary wound scoring system tracks wound progress accurately from assessment to assessment to help improve outcomes. 


InteliWound is designed for the entire clinical staff; from the clinicians, to clinical supervisors, to administrative staff, and the management team, to help ensure the highest level of patient care.

Designed & Headquartered in San Diego, CA

InteliWound™ is a Trademarked product of Synergy Wound Technology, LLC.

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